Astrology has gained popularity in the past few years, popping up in all of our favorite blogs, websites, and platforms. People are looking to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level, and understand how the energy of the universe affects them. As an obvious lover of astrology, I know that it has the potential to change people’s lives! I also know that it can come across as “woo woo” AND be really overwhelming to understand when you first start learning about it. There are so many components to this practice that help people feel understood, validated, and aware of where they need to grow, so I thought it was time to write a series of posts about the basics of Astrology so you can kickstart your own learning journey.

Let’s start from the beginning...

Astrology is a pseudoscience that derives information about individuals, relationships, and life events based on the position of the planets and how they relate to 12 constellations or Zodiac signs. Each planet holds unique significance over our lives, and as they move through each sign and interact with other planets their energy influences us. Your unique, complex personality is dictated by where the planets were at the time of your birth. Understanding the details of your own chart and how the changes in the universe affect you is the first step towards understanding Astrology!

The Planets

Sun: Your general personality, ego, and consciousness.

Moon: Your deep internal self, emotions, and moods.

Mars: Your drive, desires, and impulses.

Mercury: The way you communicate and your intellectual mind.

Venus: Your attractions, relationship style, and love.

Jupiter: Growth, luck, expansion.

Uranus: Change, Rebellion, Revelations

Neptune: Dreams, intuition, Mystery

Pluto: Transformation, Rebirth, Depth

The Signs

Aries: Bold, Driven, Ambitious, Energetic, Upbeat, Passionate, Relentless

Taurus: Grounded, Trustworthy, Loyal, Patient, Easygoing, Resilient, Sensuous

Gemini: Quick-witted, Adaptable, Sociable, Intelligent, Versatile, Curious, Fun

Cancer: Caring, Intuitive, Helpful, Endearing, Focused, Dynamic, Compassionate

Leo: Proud, Charming, Protective, Theatrical, Pioneering, Funny, Generous

Virgo: Detail-oriented, Giving, Devoted, Pragmatic, Practical, Sweet, Analytical

Libra: Personable, Charismatic, Open-Minded, Diplomatic, Cultivated, Romantic, Lovely

Scorpio: Authentic, Strategic, Observant, Zealous, Amorous, Mysterious, Faithful

Sagittarius: Adventurous, Carefree, Optimistic, Honest, Philosophical, Talkative, Excitable

Capricorn: Aspiring, Hard-working, Steadfast, Quirky, Disciplined, Self-sufficient, Talented

Aquarius: Unique, Humanitarian, Independent, Friendly, Audacious, Collaborative, Forward-Thinking

Pisces: Magnetic, Kind, Instinctive, Creative, Tolerant, Emotional, Mystical

What To Do First
Look up your chart! You can download the AstroFlow app to see what signs each of the planets were in when you were born. Use this blog post and the app to start piecing together the puzzle of your personality. Match the planet’s description with the sign it was in when you were born. How does the planet’s significance blend with the descriptive words of the sign it’s in for you? What contradictions exist in your personality? What descriptive words resonate with you the most?

If you want to go deeper and have your personalized chart done click here and get ready for the most intimate and therapeutic process of your life!

Next week we’ll be talking about Moon cycles! Until then, look up your chart with the AstroFlow app and let us know what you learn about yourself :)