If you’ve looked into your astrology chart and experienced how accurate it is, you might be wondering how astrology can possibly know you so well… Are the planet’s energy REALLY that powerful? The answer is yes…

The origin of Astrology is accredited to the Babylonians, who started practicing it over 2,400 years ago. The Babylonians adopted the Zodiac signs from ancient Egyptians, based on the 12 constellations the sun passes through as it revolves around the Earth. For the first 2,000 years of its existence, it was regarded as a science as it was adopted by the Greeks, Romans, and then the rest of the world. It was used to predict the weather, forecast natural disasters, track time, and eventually to characterize individuals.

Ancient Astrologers assigned traits to each planet, and each planet rules one to two Zodiac signs, sharing those traits with them. Furthermore, there are four element groups (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) that are outlined in their own circle of houses. The 12 houses are based on the Earth’s daily rotation, and dictate your relationships, spirituality, finances, etc. When you combine all of the information you get from looking at where each of the planets were at the time of your birth and what houses they are in, you get a comprehensive list of traits and information on how you navigate life.

How amazing is it that thousands of years ago, people felt the power from the planets and stars so much that they were able to use them to understand the complexities of people’s personalities AND that those traits still hold true today?! If that doesn’t give you faith in the universe, I don’t know what will.

Do you feel the power of the universe? How do you connect to your own Astrological chart? Let me know here! Next week we’ll continue learning all about Astrology and how you can use it! See you there :)