You’ve probably heard people get excited about the phases of the moon, especially New Moons and Full Moons. The Moon’s influence on us is tangible because it’s so close to us. It’s gravity pulls on Earth, causing our tides, dictating our calendar, and impacting us on a deep emotional level. It’s power is highly influential, and humans have been using it to track their lives for centuries.

It takes the moon about 3 ½- 4 weeks to revolve all the way around the Earth, and as it does that, it’s position to the Sun changes and the light from the Sun is reflected off of the moon in different ways. These reflections are the moonlight we see that helps us determine the phases of the moon. There are eight phases that can be seen with the naked eye, each one lasting about 3 days. Each phase holds unique significance that pulls us to act in different ways.

The Phases

New Moon

Signifies a new beginning and a chance for a fresh start. This is a great time to set intentions, receive energy, and let the universe guide you.

Crescent Moon

Research, take in information, learn, and plan. Have a well thought out plan to tackle your intentions for this cycle.

First Quarter Moon

The “make you or break you phase”. This is where conflicts or flaws in your plan come up. Things might not go exactly like you thought they would, but if you accept the challenge, you will come out of it stronger and more able to fulfill your intention.

Gibbous Moon

Start implementing everything you’ve learned. You’ll be motivated to get the ball rolling, perfect your process, and start seeing small results.

Full Moon

Signifies reflection on the new moon but also the new moon from 6 months ago. Remain open to revelations and new perspectives on your life and your intentions.


Celebrate your results, share what you’ve learned, and enjoy your current experience.

Last Quarter

Reap the rewards of your efforts OR readjust. Stay the course and don’t get discouraged or complacent.


Find closure in everything you’ve experienced during this cycle. Rest, recuperate, and let go of everything that’s weighing you down so you can enter the next new moon with an open heart and mind.

While the phases help us understand HOW to focus our energy, the zodiac sign the moon is in during each of these phases helps us understand WHERE to focus our energy. Each phase feels drastically different based on the astrological energy it’s receiving, and that energy also affects us in a unique way based on our chart (specifically our moon sign). So tracking all of the phases and energy can become fairly complicated! But once you understand the moon’s astrological affect on you, your actions become more purposeful and you lead your life with clarity.

Track Your Energy Within the Moon Cycle

  1. Write down the dates of each phase for the month

Keep them in a journal or on your phone along with their significance. You can use the AstroFlow app for this!

  1. Set intentions for the New Moon

Look up which Zodiac sign the new moon will be in. Read new moon horoscopes for your sun sign and your moon sign to understand the energy you’ll be receiving!

  1. Take note of the zodiac signs each phase is in

Read about each phase online or on the AstroFlow app, google your moon sign’s compatibility with that sign, look at daily horoscopes for that sign, your own sign, and your moon sign to understand how this energy will affect your intentions.

  1. Stay grounded

Meditate, practice yoga, or journal. The more grounded and clear-headed you are, the more open you are to receiving energy.

Have you tracked your energy using the moon cycle before? Want to learn more about each phase of the moon? Let me know!