I researched the last 12 seasons of the bachelor and wrote the most dramatic blog post ever.


This was by far the hardest post I have ever written, but man was it worth it. I looked up the charts of the past 12 bachelors and their top 5 contestants in order to determine which Zodiac Sun signs make the top five, which Zodiac Sun signs win, and if anyone is actually compatible on this god forsaken show. Needless to say, the results are FASCINATING.

Quick Overview of Astrological Compatibility

Astrological compatibility, or synastry, looks at the angles formed between each person’s chart. While you see a lot of “Is an Aries compatible with a Scorpio?” online, you have to look at two people’s ENTIRE charts to truly determine compatibility. How does one person’s Moon sign interact with the other person’s Mars sign? How does one person’s Sun sign interact with the other person’s Venus sign?” Synastry looks at EVERYTHING. Through this process I can determine where the strengths and the challenges lie in a relationship. There are many different types of relationships that work, and not everyone needs a high level of compatibility, but synastry will help you have a successful relationship (if that’s what you actually want).

So, are the people on The Bachelor actually compatible with each other? Let’s find out!


What Zodiac signs get chosen to be The Bachelor?

While not every Zodiac sign has been represented, the past 12 seasons have had a fairly diverse group of bachelors astrologically speaking. Each of these Sun signs are fairly different from one another, and they have all yielded dramatically (lol) different results on the show.

If you want to be in the top five… be an Aries or a Scorpio

Despite the Sun sign differences of each bachelor, they all seem to be attracted to the same Sun signs! Aries, Scorpio, and Leo end up in the top five significantly more than the others.


The Bachelor is all about making a good first impression and keeping the interest of a man who’s also dating other women. Aries, Scorpio, and Leos are known to be flirtatious, exciting, and appealing right off the bat. The Bachelor doesn’t always lend itself to deep connection, so your sun sign traits matter more than they normally would. These Zodiac signs are bold, strategic, and competitive, which is going to give them a leg up in this love competition.

If you want to WIN… be an Aries, Taurus, Cancer, or Aquarius

Sorry Scorpio and Leo, your strategic bold-ness didn’t quite get you that final rose!


In addition to Aries, Taurus, Cancer, and Aquarius are in the top percentile of wins despite not having as many of them in the top five. Let’s break this down…

I think Aries win get chosen more frequently because they’re usually fun-loving, adventurous, and straightforward. They’re usually not ones to participate in drama, they perform well under pressure, they’re crazy adventurous, and love all of the activities that are thrown at them on the show.

Taurus and Cancers get the rose because they are incredibly stable and loyal. Their actions reflect their words (looking at you Hannah Ann!) and they will always be honest with you. They have a caring and stable energy that is really comforting for a person trying to decide between 30 women.

Aquarians are non-judgmental, easygoing, and incredibly interesting. They make the bachelor feel at ease when they’re together (again, this man is dealing with the drama of dating 30 women who live together and don’t get along) and are able to talk about normal, interesting things (read: not the drama going on in the house).

Of course all of these signs have so much more to love about them than just this. Each individual that goes on the show has a whole unique and complex chart and personality that we never really get to see! Based on these numbers, it appears that bachelor chooses the person who they have fun with, who seems stable, and who doesn’t contribute to the drama as much. All things that can be determined by your Sun sign.


How similar are the top two contestants?

Here’s where things get interesting… the top two women are usually pretty similar! 75% of the time, they have similarities in their charts (same Mars, Moon, or Sun sign).


Having the same Mars sign means that your actions and motivations are the same. How you express yourself and handle the things that are thrown at you on the show is a pretty big deal,  so it makes sense that the bachelor would choose two people who handled themselves similarly in a way he respected!

The Moon rules your deepest emotions, and how you connect on a deeper level. Clearly the bachelor is looking for a specific kind of emotional connection, because 25% of the time he’s choosing between two women with the same moon sign.

While it’s more rare that the final two have the same Sun sign, it still makes sense. These men aren’t getting to know the women very well, so they’re going off of the personality traits that are most obvious i.e. your Sun sign traits. He’s attracted to them for the same reasons, no wonder he’s torn!


How compatible are the winner and the bachelor? How compatible are the runner-up and the bachelor?


GUYS. These people are actually pretty compatible with each other! I am shocked. What’s even crazier is 67% of these bachelors were actually more compatible with the runner up than the person they chose!! Except for Peter and Jason who went back and chose the runner up despite being less astrologically compatible with them. (Peter, you made a big mistake, HUGE.)

Some seasons had an obvious winner astrologically, some had lower compatibility with both options, and some had high compatibility with both options. What’s fascinating is that despite all of the madness and lack of reality in this show, people still manage to find people they could really be with. Do they choose to be with those people? Not often.


Only 33% of these bachelors chose the person that they were more astrologically compatible with which leads me to my next point…

What percentage of these 12 seasons have yielded successful long-term relationships?

Of the 12 seasons, 67% of the couples broke up, while 33% stayed together.


Let’s take an astrological look at the couples who are still together…

Colton and Cassie: Cassie wasn’t the most compatible option! Colton was significantly more compatible with Hannah.

Arie and Lauren: After choosing Becca, Arie realised he had made a mistake and went back to Lauren, his more compatible option. (Becca, you dodged a huge bullet!)

Sean and Catherine: Good job Sean! You chose the most compatible person out of the top two.

Jason and Molly: Jason originally chose Melissa, who he is more compatible with, but then flip flopped and chose Molly instead.

So while 33% of the 12 couples are still together, only 50% of them (2 out of the 4) are astrologically compatible! Love conquers all people!


So if they’re meeting people they’re compatible with on the show, why don’t they end up together?


Astrology charts show that humans are complex, contradictory, and unique. It takes a long time to truly get to know someone as we usually start relationships showing our Sun, Rising, and Mars sign traits. We all know that the aspiring influencers people who go on the Bachelor aren’t getting the time they need to truly get to know each other’s entire personalities. In addition to that, the men and their contestants are dealing with influence from producers, cameras making people act differently, and people who are there for fame. Despite having compatible options, they rarely choose them and get to know the relationship’s full potential.

In Conclusion...

Synastry will show you the positive and negative sides of your relationship. It calls attention to the way you each think, communicate, show love, and take action. You might not be highly compatible, but knowing this information will help you have a successful relationship with the person you want to be with. Maybe the contestants on The Bachelor would have more success if they did their synastry on the show (Chris Harrison, DM us. ;)


Who is your favorite bachelor couple? Who is your favorite contestant? Have you ever looked up your synastry with your partner?!