Thursday, December 12th holds a “Cold Moon” in Gemini. It’s nicknamed the Cold Moon of the Moon’s high position in the sky paired with the Sun’s low position. It also falls on one of the darkest nights of the year, as the Sun is setting earlier and earlier as we approach Winter.

Full Moons signify endings and encourage us to look back on the past moon cycle and the past six months. They give us the energy to reflect and pull meaning from our experiences so we can find closure. Gemini’s stimulating energy can help you wrap up projects, form realizations about your life, and bring you closer to your friends. This is a spontaneous and exciting Moon that demands freedom from your agenda. Release your expectations and let it guide you.

We rarely allow ourselves the time and space to do whatever is calling to us. The Cold Moon in Gemini’s energy asks you to free yourself from all obligations and responsibility. Seek experiences that stimulate your mind, go towards things that pique your interest. Remove any “shoulds” from your language, today is about exploration. If you’ve been holding yourself back the past six months, address that now. Let this Moon inspire you to stop restricting, over-scheduling, and repressing yourself and your needs and wants.

The Moon and Your Sign

Check out your Full Moon in Gemini Horoscope. Be sure to check your Moon sign’s horoscope as well!

Aries: Your story is worth telling. Don’t be afraid to open up and share your struggles, your passions, and your goals.

Taurus: When insecurity creeps in, it’s important to remind yourself that you are talented, worthy, and strong. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or what you can do.

Gemini: Your energy is vibrant. The more you allow yourself to shine, the more life will give back to you. Never repress who you are, even if it makes some people uncomfortable.

Cancer: The only way to find closure is to allow everything you’ve experienced to come to fruition. Work for the end. The end of everything you’ve struggled with this year, the end of all of the major projects you’ve been working on, the end of an era. Clear out room for the next chapter.

Leo: People react to your energy. The more you work on finding inner peace and happiness, the more positive things you will attract in your life. Don’t make life harder than it already is. Choose to put yourself out there with excitement and optimism.

Virgo: Reevaluate your life’s purpose. Reflect on where your life is now versus where you wanted it to be. Are you prioritizing the things that are actually important to you?

Libra: The Full Moon in Gemini provides you with the clarity you’ve been looking for. Take time today to receive energy and reflect. If you’ve been feeling confused about your purpose in life, this moon will help you prioritize your goals and passions.

Scorpio: Never stop exploring life’s mysteries. Collaborating with others will get you where you want to go faster. You have to be vulnerable to truly bond with someone.

Sagittarius: You have a “the more the merrier” mentality when it comes to friendship. People inspire you. Life’s adventures are always better with good people around you. Acknowledge all of the wonderful people in your life with gratitude.

Capricorn: Take a look at how you spend your time every day. Your habits, your work ethic, and how you take care of yourself ultimately shape your life. Reflect and acknowledge what’s not working for you.

Aquarius: Gemini’s Full Moon asks you to understand your relationship with the world around you. What is your motive behind your actions? Have you been authentic in your actions and persona?

Pisces: Take a break. Cancel your plans, make time for close friends and enjoy a cozy night at home.
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