I LOVE goal setting. Looking inwards to figure out what I really want, reevaluating my priorities, identifying my goals, and setting a plan to accomplish them gives me a sense of purpose and keeps me on track. However, I always seem to abandon New Year’s Resolutions. The idea of a resolution for the whole year feels restrictive and single-minded to me, so I’ve decided to reframe the way I approach the New Year.

We spend so much time powering through to-do lists and following our routine that we forget to check in and figure out what we actually want. Life ebbs and flows, we move through stages and we’re constantly changing. Why are we expected to be consistent?! Most of the time New Year’s Resolutions lock us in to ONE area of life for an entire year, setting us up for failure before we even get started. What would happen if instead of focusing on a resolution, we focused on ourselves and our ever changing moods and inspirations?

When we actually focus on our internal self and check in with how we’re feeling, we can handle life’s ups and downs and not pressure ourselves to feel differently than we do. We can set goals for ourselves in every area of our life, and forgive ourselves for attacking those goals in different ways throughout the year. We can remain open to life unfolding in unexpected ways.

The more you learn about the ever changing energy the universe is giving you, the more you start to have faith that everything will happen in time. Some months you’ll be driven to focus on your career, other months your relationships will be the priority. Lean in to how you’re feeling and you’ll reap the rewards. Release the control and restrictions you’ve placed on yourself and allow change to happen. Trust that the universe is guiding you in the right direction.

Instead of making resolutions, enter the New Year open to receiving energy. Let the universe hold you. Read your daily horoscopes, learn about all of the astrological events and how they affect you, and practice yoga to focus your energy. Not sure where to start? DM us! Let’s talk about making this year a great one :)