Productivity seems to be the metric by which we measure our days. Productive days are "good," and unproductive days are "bad." It wasn't until the world shut down that I realized I was following society's productivity guidelines and it was NOT working for me.

If you watch TikTok or YouTube, read blog posts on productivity, and google 'productivity tips,' you'll quickly learn that in order to be a motivated, productive person you have to get up at the crack of dawn, hydrate, meditate, engage in personal development work, exercise, and then get to work with no breaks until you get home, cook a healthy meal, clean your house, and act out an evening routine complete with perfect rituals, a strict bed time, and of course no screen time. Better download a suite of productivity apps while you're at it to keep you on track.

Ambitious and goal-oriented, I place a lot of my personal value in what I do and how I do it. The fear that I would let myself down if I wasn't doing all of the right things to achieve my dreams set me up for a whole lot of negative self-talk, and eventually, complete burnout.

Because the truth is, the aesthetically pleasing routine that seems to lead to the perfect life isn't going to work for everyone. Learning to break free from this "motivation prescription" and figure out the way of living that actually brings me joy has helped me become the most productive I've ever been. I no longer criticize myself for being a night person with an unusual work schedule who doesn't complete projects in a linear fashion. I've embraced who I am, and my work is better for it.

Nurture your Mars sign and you'll find your way to motivation

Mars is a fiery, passionate planet that rules our desires, actions, and energy. Your Mars placement will show you how to engage your motivation, and serve your work in the best way for you. Restructuring how I work has completely benefited my life and I hope it does for you as well!

Find your Mars sign below. If you don't know your Mars sign, you can look it up here.


Action-oriented, impulsive, and adventurous, you thrive in fast-paced environments where your decision-making skills are valued.

Key Motivations: Spontaneity, adventure, challenge

Workflow: Bursts of work, movement, a different schedule everyday, plenty of time for hobbies and impulsive fun.


Stable, patient, and sensual, you prefer to get your work done your way without interference.

Key Motivations: Material possessions, genuine connection, comfort

Workflow: A peaceful morning routine, an aesthetically pleasing work environment, a steady work schedule, quiet time to decompress, indulging in your senses and resting after work.


Restless, stimulated, and communicative, you enjoy a packed schedule with lots of interesting work to keep you occupied.

Key Motivations: Tasks, information, a busy schedule

Workflow: A different routine every day, making time for hobbies, changing interests, lots of social engagements.


Tenacious, protective, and volatile, you have trouble managing your energy and your desires. You crave stability, but also require a flexible schedule that allows you to lead with your feelings.

Key Motivations: Security, your emotions, your loved ones

Workflow: Plenty of rest and down time, supportive co-workers, the flexibility to work on projects and tasks based on your mood, indulging in comforts.


Creative, passionate, and ambitious, you strive to make an impact on whatever you are called to do. You are destined to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Key Motivations: Success, dreams, power

Workflow: A morning routine that makes you feel strong, healthy meals, inspiring mentors and people you look up to, friends and family who believe in you.


Productive, practical, and detail-oriented, you love to immerse yourself in your work. You thrive in a career that requires knowledge, precision, and a lot of time.

Key Motivations: Interest, perfection, restlessness

Workflow: Early mornings, long days of interesting work, a clean working environment, making time to organize and clean your home, reading before bed.


Diplomatic, indecisive, and thoughtful, you spend most of your time pondering choices and differences of opinion. You base your work on fighting injustice and finding solutions that work for everyone.

Key Motivations: Fairness, conflict, distraction

Workflow: Long, indulgent morning routines, plenty of social time, loose deadlines, short work weeks, beautiful places, changing your environment often.


Willful, intimidating, and provocative, you are motivated by pushing the boundaries and changing the world. You may be unorthodox in your methods, but you are a powerful force in the world.

Key Motivations: Testing yourself, solving the impossible, truth seeking

Workflow: Slow mornings, reading non fiction, an unusual job, working alone, intimacy.


Restless, adventurous, and optimistic, you take on life full steam ahead. Fascinated by ideas and information, you love having open and honest conversations with passionate people. If you don't love what you do, it's not worth doing.

Key Motivations: Adventure, ideas, anything new

Workflow: Lots of movement, always having something to look forward to, excitement, stimulating work, making time to explore your interests and hobbies.


Controlled, determined, and ambitious, you thrive in any work environment you find yourself. Your cool-headed, patient nature allows you to steady complete any task that's thrown your way and you rarely let your emotions get involved.

Key Motivations: Success, self-preservation, discipline

Workflow: Slow mornings that set up your day, meal prepping, lists, outlining your goals, steady uninterrupted work, restful evenings that celebrate your day.


Original, independent, and clever, you love any opportunity to push boundaries and make significant changes to your industry.

Key Motivations: Individuality, rebellion, humanitarianism

Workflow: Busy days, creative free time, work with inspiring people, volunteer work, evenings spent with good friends.


Gentle, charming, and passive, you require the flexibility and freedom to do your work at your own pace. Prone to daydreaming and bursts of motivation, you love expressing yourself creatively and expressively.

Key Motivations: Peace, creativity, dreams

Workflow: Slow mornings, lots of free time, flexible creative work, time in nature, caring for your physical body, nurturing your dreams, working when motivation strikes.