Even hearing the words, "social media," makes me feel exhausted. To me, social media feels like a rat race that I can never win. The pressure to keep up and absorb all of the information, follow the trends, and engage with people often leaves me overstimulated. I still find myself mindlessly scrolling, saving informational posts for later (that I never return to...,) and getting emotionally invested in stranger's lives. I'm in a vicious cycle of using social media as a source of inspiration, to find information, and to genuinely connect with people until I fall down the rabbit hole, coming out stressed and overwhelmed.

As a small business owner faced with the fact that social media is the key to growing my business, I've felt paralyzed when it comes to creating content. I have wonderful social media intern who has helped me manage my accounts so far, and now I'm feeling called to express myself creatively and share what I love about Astrology and my business.

If you're anything like me and feel completely overwhelmed by social media, I think I've found the answer to healing your relationship with content consumption.


Mercury rules communication, technology, and how you mentally process information. So if you're looking to do a digital detox, reevaluate your relationship with content, and find a healthier relationship with social media like I am, your Mercury placement is the place to start!

Below, I have outlined some social media guidance for each Mercury sign that will serve as a great starting place for your digital detox journey. I hope it's as enlightening for you as it's been for me!

You can look up your Mercury sign here.


You are ALL about action. Direct and honest, you have no patience for long-winded conversations or captions. A kid at heart, you may see things simplistically, but you always seem to get to the root of the problem. Easy-going, fun-loving, and assertive, you make communication seem effortless.

Social's Best Purpose: Finding fun, new workouts. Keeping up with your friends and commenting on each other's posts. Gathering adventure and travel tips.

What to Leave Behind: Long captions (don't waste your time.) Anything that gets you fired up or angry (unfollow, don't engage!) Anyone trying to sell you something (you're way too impulsive for that...)


Slow and steady, you may take your time getting to a decision or opinion, but once you're there, you are incredibly decisive and strong. Sensual, you prefer face-to-face conversations where you can engage all of your senses. Probably the least affected by social media, you prefer to live in the moment.

Social's Best Purpose: Cute animals. Food inspiration. Occasional viewing for entertainment without engagement.

What to Leave Behind: The news. Opinionated people. Anyone you're not close to in real life.


Social media queen! You can process so much information at such a fast pace it almost seems inhuman. Chatty, interested, and mentally stimulated, you are ruled by Mercury and can communicate better than anyone. You may have a short attention span, but you have no problems absorbing stories, facts, advice, and anything else that interests you.

Social's Best Purpose: Information. Networking. Connecting. You can do it all.

What to Leave Behind: Being on your phone 24/7; set some boundaries and give yourself time to process.


Emotive, sensitive, and protective, you approach socializing from a cautious, yet compassionate perspective. You prefer to listen and only speak up when you have something to say from your heart. Endlessly supportive of your loved ones, you know how to make people feel understood.

Social's Best Purpose: Inspiring captions. Connecting with other emotive speakers. Home decor. Hyping up your friends.

What to Leave Behind: People who drain your energy. Any content that makes you feel like you're not enough. Giving too much of yourself.


Confident and persuasive, you naturally command attention. Social media can be an ideal platform for you to take center stage, but you can also get carried away and become stressed and demanding. You love to make people laugh and express yourself; when you talk, people listen.

Social's Best Purpose: Creative self-expression, lighthearted engagement without expectations (!!!) Fun content.

What to Leave Behind: Negativity. Putting pressure on yourself to always be "on." Comparison.


Efficient, attentive, and detail-oriented, nothing gets past you. Basically a human lie-detector, you read body language and communication signals better than anyone. You may be nit-picky, but you know how to create beautiful things.

Social's Best Purpose: Investigating and researching. Showcasing your work.

What to Leave Behind: Anything that brings out your obsessive side. Getting carried away and losing valuable time (screen time limits are made for you!) People who irritate you.


Charming, chatty, and diplomatic, you're the person everyone wants to connect with. A natural peacemaker, your fun-loving attitude is a breath of fresh air that people love to be around.

Social's Best Purpose: Socializing. Creating fun content. Meeting new people. Sharing funny content with friends.

What to Leave Behind: Negative people (don't engage with the haters!) Sacrificing your boundaries. Forgetting to enjoy your real life and living on your phone.


Observant, soulful, and fearless, you seek truth and emotion in everyone and everything. Full of depth, you love exploring things that most people aren't willing to talk about.

Social's Best Purpose: Finding, sharing, and discussing the truth. Connecting with people who share your interests. Sharing your passions.

What to Leave Behind: Doomscrolling. Giving too much of yourself. Holding the people you follow to unrealistic expectations. Letting your suspicions get the best of you.


Free-thinking, honest, and idealistic, you love engaging in interesting conversations. Expansive and philosophical, your mind is often on broad concepts and you don't have time for the details. You lead with a strong moral code and a sense of justice.

Social's Best Purpose: Engaging with other free-thinkers. Following informational accounts about your interests. Travel inspiration.

What to Leave Behind: Consistency (use it when it's fun and leave it when it's not!) Superficial content. Close-minded people. False information/misinformation accounts.


Methodical, structured, and resourceful, you do best when you are able to compartmentalize your different social groups. Present and focused, you hate receiving too much information at once and you can easily become frustrated and overwhelmed. Above all else, you trust your own judgements.

Social's Best Purpose: Tips and tricks. Giveaways. Networking.

What to Leave Behind: Mindless scrolling. Frivolous content. Socializing. Posting when you don't feel like it.


Unconventional, provocative, and observant, you love to express yourself in a bold and authentic way. Intellectual and detached, you often engage in debates and love sharing your viewpoints with others. Attracted to all things intellectual and metaphysical, you do everything on your own time and require freedom in communication.

Social's Best Purpose: Information gathering. Respectful debating. Sharing your insights.

What to Leave Behind: Close-minded people. Feeling like you can't share what you want, when you want. Accounts that don't stimulate your mind.


Gentle, emotive, and unusual, you are a great listener who soaks up the emotion in the room. Whimsical and light, you oscillate between being super talkative and quiet. Prone to overwhelm, you often need space and alone time to recuperate. While incredibly creative, you're not particularly detail-oriented and you like to do things on your own time.

Social's Best Purpose: Finding inspiration. Expressing yourself creatively. Connecting on an intimate level.

What to Leave Behind: Mindless scrolling. Consuming too much content. Trying to do everything to keep up with the trends. Consistently.

Setting boundaries with social media can be really hard. It's enticing and addictive! My hope is that by diving into our Mercury placements, we can understand how we communicate and absorb information and use social media in a way that is inspiring and healthy.

I would love to hear- what changes do you want to make when it comes to media consumption? Let's support each other!