No matter what energy our charts hold, we have a tendency to lean in to certain aspects of our personality and suppress other traits. As an Aries Sun, Leo Rising, and Capricorn Moon, I spend a lot of time asserting the strong and ambitious aspects of my personality, forgetting that my Mars and Mercury are in Pisces and I need to develop the softer side of myself as well. It’s almost like the aspects of my chart are fighting with each other, creating blockages and preventing me from being well-rounded and balanced.

While understanding your chart and internal conflicts is incredibly valuable, you can also use Yoga as a tool to give yourself the balance you need. Each yoga posture holds unique energy, and the more you engage with the mind/body connection of the practice, the more you’ll connect with yourself as a whole. I’ve learned to value every part of myself, even when it seems contradictory. I’ve learned how to tune in to my personal energy through my yoga practice, and it’s helped me find balance and eradicate the conflict and stress I was feeling.

Here are some yoga postures you should practice based on your sign! I encourage you to write down all of the postures for your sun sign, rising sign, moon sign, mars sign, mercury sign, and venus sign. Maybe even put together a sequence utilizing all of those postures! If you don’t know each of your signs, you can download our free app here to look up your chart. We also provide yoga practices based on the current astrological energy which is another great way to connect to yourself and the universe. I hope combining yoga and astrology will be as helpful for you as it has been for me. I would love to hear about your experience working on these postures! DM or tag us on instagram and let me know :)


Ostrich pose will rein in your fire, open your heart, and ground you. You will have to stay strong and grounded in your legs while pulling your chest open and bowing your head with humility. This posture will teach you that there is strength in vulnerability.

Warrior three asks you to be patient and intentional. In order to balance and maintain your alignment, you will have to move slowly. Allow yourself to be pulled in different directions, find a balance between all of your endeavors, and take everything one step at a time.


Eagle pose stimulates compression, balance, and patience. Taurus love to do one thing at a time and they prioritize comfort. This pose is challenging and demands that you focus on multiple parts of your body at once. Eagle will teach you that you are capable of doing everything and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Airplane pose is expansive, big, and bold. It is a heart opener and a balancing pose, urging you to find stillness and stability in an unstable position. Airplane requires work, you have to squeeze your shoulder blades together, straighten both legs, flex your back toes, and pull your belly up and in. This pose will teach you that comfort requires hard work and flexibility.


Sukhasana or easy seat is a simple pose that is incredibly challenging for someone with a busy mind. You can’t focus your thoughts on how to get into a posture, or how to fix your alignment in a posture, you have to sit with your own internal world. Use your breath, allow your thoughts to wander without giving them your attention, and you will learn to enjoy stillness.

Half pigeon is a deep hip opener that requires surrender. Don’t let your mind panic and tell you that you need to get out of it, your body is capable of holding this pose and will ease into the posture with time (unless you’re feeling sharp pain of course!) Make sure to keep your hips even and not dump into one hip. You can place a block or a blanket underneath one hip to make it more comfortable! Breathe into the spaces that feel tense, and exhale to release. This pose will teach you patience and surrender.


Warrior One is strong, grounded, and proud. It asks you to be strong in your legs and open through the front of your body. Plant both feet firmly on the ground, pull your back hip forward in line with your front hip, and stand tall. This pose will inspire confidence and pride.

Urdhva hastasana is a seemingly simple posture that actually requires a ton of effort. Ground down through all four corners of your feet, engage your quads, slightly tuck your tailbone, knit your ribs together and pull your torso up off of your hips, reach your fingertips up towards the ceiling and pull your shoulders together down your back. This pose will teach you to take ownership of your surroundings, and that success is in the details.


Camel pose will encourage you to be vulnerable and speak your truth. It demands that you take it in layers and only push yourself to the backbend you’re comfortable with. Squeeze your glutes, push your hips forward, and trace your gaze up and back behind you. Exposing the front of your body in this way inspires emotion and an open heart. This pose will teach you to embrace the present moment and allow your emotions to be what they are.

Savasana pose ignites the practice of resting the body and quieting the mind. This pose is incredibly challenging for those who are constantly thinking and planning. Use your breath to find stillness and calm your mind. Savasana will teach you that you can’t be your best without rest.


Floor bow is an engaging posture that will stretch the tension in your body and strengthen your spine. This posture is all about power and expression, lifting you off of the earth and engaging the muscles you don’t usually use. Practicing floor bow will remind you that your opinions are valuable and you have the strength you need to put your work out there.

Supta Baddha Konasana will allow you the time and space you need to unwind and release your emotions. Take your time to ease into this posture and allow it to open your hips and relieve any tension in your lower back. This pose will show you that you deserve to take time for yourself and that you’re more capable of helping others when you’re feeling your best.


Warrior Two will bring power and strength to your balance-oriented personality. This posture demands focus, as there are many alignment details to pay attention to. The choice is up to you on how engaged you want to be here… you can sink deeper into your lunge, pull your front knee back over your front middle toes, shift your back hip forward so both hips are even, squeeze your belly up and in, reach your arms front and back, and engage your arms by pressing down on an imaginary table. You are capable of all of this. You are strong enough, focused enough, powerful enough to do anything you set your mind to.

Pyramid pose will soften your restless nature and help you release your buzzing thoughts from your mind. Shorten and widen your stance as much as you need to keep both hips even and your legs straight. The stability from your legs allows you to surrender and rest through your belly, chest, and upper body. Relax your neck, breathe through the stretch, and enjoy a moment of calm. This pose will remind you to approach every situation with a peaceful demeanor.


Standing backbend will heal you, encouraging you to let go of any pain or conflict that you carry within you. From a strong and stable foundation you can be vulnerable and share yourself with those you love. The deeper you go into your backbend, the more you will stimulate growth within yourself. Strengthen your spine, strengthen your life.

Reverse plank is a powerful, bold posture that encourages you to take action and say no to things that don’t serve you. Press the ground away from you, open your heart, and expose your throat. Let this energy inspire you to trust your path and speak up for your needs.


Ear pinning pose will bring self reflection to your adventurous and impulsive personality. Bring your weight into your shoulders, toes to the earth, and knees to the sides of your ears so you can compress into yourself and tune inwards. In this pose you cannot escape how you really feel, it will teach you to embrace the bad parts of life instead of hiding from them and show you where you need to grow.

Janu Sirsasana B is a posture that requires discipline and patience. This pose will teach you that there is always room to grow and opportunities to go further. Focus on the details as you engage your oblique muscles, twist your chest open, and reach to the side. Janu Sirsasana B will encourage you to apply discipline to your everyday life and have the patience to go all the way in your endeavors.


Fish pose will inspire creative expression and compassion. Explore the depth of your backbend and find a variation that works for you. Know that there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this posture, just as there’s not a right or wrong way to express your creative thoughts. Let fish pose teach you to be kinder to yourself and open to exploring new ways of revealing who you are.

Half Moon is a posture that asks you to find the joy in it instead of being frustrated when it’s not perfect. Use a block under your hand for balance, reach for the sky, and open your entire side body, working to stack one hip on top of the other. Modifications are good, variations are good, falling out of it is good! Explore how your body feels in this posture instead of worrying about excellence. Half Moon will teach you that it’s always worth it to put joy first.


Revolved crescent lunge will bring your focus to your physical self, engaging multiple muscle groups and twisting your internal organs. This pose will teach you that there is power and energy to be found in your body, not just your mind. Do a body scan and notice how your feet feel on the mat, how the twist feels through your core, and how your palms feel pressed against one another. Use your inhales to lengthen through your spine, and your exhales to twist deeper. Your body is worth your time and energy.

Double Pigeon is a huge hip opener, making it an emotional pose. It asks you to surrender to the stretch, and surrender to your feelings. You can’t get flexible without stretching, and you can’t get over emotional hurdles without feeling. Take whatever modification you need here to avoid any sharp pain. Make sure you flex both toes to protect your joints! Learn to sit with the discomfort. Face it, and it will no longer have ownership over you. Make space for joy by releasing the pain.


Standing splits will help you release internal tension while simultaneously building strength and flexibility. It will teach you to let go of what is not serving you, and work hard for growth. Find your edge and lift your leg as high as you can without lifting your hip up out of line with your other hip. Fold your torso to lift your leg, straightening both legs as much as you can. Standing splits will teach you that where there is surrender, there is also withstanding, and happiness takes dedication and effort.

Shoulder stand is an inversion that compresses through your throat and helps you feel weightless and light. It will show you that not everything has to be so heavy, and that there can be lightness in even the most challenging positions. Keep your weight in your shoulders, pull your chin to your chest, and trust that you will catch yourself if you fall. The bad times always pass, and there is always happiness to be found.