I analyzed 346 of them to give you the answer (hint: it goes way beyond their Sun sign!)


The interest in serial killers has grown so strong that it's now considered "basic" to watch, listen, or read all of the content surrounding them. I can only imagine how basic it is to analyze 346 serial killers based on their astrological placements...

Who's ready for the creepiest blog post I've ever written?!

Scorpio has the highest percentage of serial killers

The rumors are true, (but only by 2 percentage points...) Scorpios do have the highest number of serial killers. They are a lethal combination of passionate, secretive, calculating, and observant. You don't want to cross a scorned or angry Scorpio.

What's more surprising is that Cancer is right behind Scorpio! Sweet and sensitive they may be, but they're not to be messed with...

Closing out the top percentages are Pisces, Leo, and even peace-loving Libra. Are we really surprised that all three water signs make up the top percentage of serial killers? All of their wonderful traits, like intuitive, passionate, sensitive, and observant, can be extremely dangerous in the the wrong hands (ie someone looking to mass murder)!

The biggest question is how Libras snuck into this group? Known as non-confrontational peacemakers, I truly can't imagine a Libra killing anyone, let alone multiple people.


Taurus has the lowest percentage of serial killers

Taurus may have a reputation of being bull-headed, but they are one of the sweetest and most gentle signs. Plus, they don't have the energy to be serial killers, that's way too much work and stress for them.

Also among the lowest percentages are Gemini and Aquarius. I don't know who started the rumor that most serial killers are Gemini, but consider it debunked! Air signs are way too light and easy-going to fit the serial killer stereotype.


The vast majority of serial killers are born in the last two weeks of their Zodiac sign

Here's where things get interesting... An average of 62% of serial killers are born in the second two weeks of their Zodiac sign!!

In Astrology, the phase of the Zodiac sign you were born in matters. Those born in the first ten days of a Zodiac sign tend to embody the sign the most, while those born in the last ten days have a strong influence from another planet that often gives them a rebellious, aggressive, and adventurous nature.

I guess being rebellious, aggressive, and adventurous comes in handy when you're a serial killer...

20% of serial killers are on the cusp of two Zodiac signs

That's a surprisingly high percentage!

Cusps are a controversial topic, because while there is a transition period between two signs where one is setting while the other rises, there is a distinct point when the Sun moves into the next Zodiac sign. So those born during the day or week of the cusp aren't actually embodying traits from each sign, although, they may experience the energy of the transition.

Does that transitional energy inspire people to become serial killers? Probably not.


Do Sun signs really matter when it comes to serial killers?

Nope! Judging by the amount of TikToks, Instagram posts, blogs, and YouTube videos I've seen titled, "The Majority of Serial Killers are THIS Zodiac Sign," you would think that one particular sign is likely to be a serial killer, but I now know that that's not the case!

The truth is that out of the 346 serial killers I analyzed, their birthdays are spread fairly evenly among all Zodiac signs. Sure, Scorpio had the most, but "the most" is only 12%.

I found the fact that the majority of serial killers are born in the last two weeks of their Zodiac sign to be far more interesting than their Sun sign!

But let's go a little deeper...

In the name of Astrological research, I also analyzed the full chart placements of 45 of the most famous serial killers...


The most lethal astrological placements

  • Scorpio Sun
  • Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces Moons
  • Taurus Mercury
  • Aquarius Venus
  • Cancer and Capricorn Mars
  • Gemini and Pisces Jupiter
  • Virgo Saturn

The Astrological placements with the smallest percentage of serial killers

  • Taurus Sun
  • Aquarius and Taurus Moons
  • Libra and Cancer Mercury
  • Leo and Gemini Venus
  • Libra Mars
  • Aquarius and Taurus Jupiter
  • Taurus and Gemini Saturn


There you have it! Do any of the "lethal" placements have a vast majority? No. Therefore you can't really predict if someone is a serial killer based on their birth chart, but the similarities I found are still pretty interesting! (Especially for someone who spends an embarrassing amount of time watching documentaries about serial killers and listening to true crime podcasts...)

Do you have any of these placements?! What's your favorite true crime show/documentary/podcast/book?! Let me know here!